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Cacao tea
Cacao Tea

Say hello
to one of nature's
most amazing



For centuries the Caribbean has been enjoying the wonderful benefits of cacao, known by most as COCOA TEA. Each island makes different versions of this dark chocolate beverage which is passed down from generation to generation.

Our beans are 100% organic, NO preservative, NO additives packed with all its flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals - everything you need for a healthy mind and body.


Ground Cacao Blend with Spices

Calming and Balancing

Every sip is a seamless moment of mindfulness that helps to support a peaceful state by calming those nerves and increasing the feeling of relaxation. Fuel your pathways of mindfulness and keep your body in check from the first sign of anxiety or stress. 

Boosting your health just got easier with proven results. Make the lifestyle adjustments that will keep your body functioning at its best. 

 Now you can feel good about what you are drinking. Renew your balance and feel revitalized with every sip.

Cultivate a Better Life with the food of the GOd's

 Cacao has been used as a sacred drink  to connect with the divine. In a cacao ceremony, cacao is used in an intentional, sacred way and respected as a plant medicine. It is a powerful catalyst for healing work.

Cacao helps us to journey within, connect to our heart, reveal patterns, cultivate self-love, increase consciousness and support us in our path and personal growth. It does not create things that are not there, but rather is a catalyst for these processes. It is known as a heart-opening medicine that helps to expand insight and awareness.

100% Pure Ground Cacao Beans
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