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100% pure ground cacao beans

Ground Cacao -The Caribbean Traditional Hot Chocolate - HOT CACAO

100% pure cacao beans are carefully roasted to perfection for a rich and indulgent flavor. With no added preservatives, it's the perfect way to enjoy a guilt-free hot chocolate experience. This is what cacao taste like.  Enjoy a cup of warm and comforting hot cacao that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Health and Wellness:


  • Incredible Health Benefits: Loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and has been shown to support cardiovascular health, help reduce inflammation, and improve cognitive health
  • A great source of mood-boosting endorphins, providing a natural energy boost. Enjoy the taste and health benefits of this luxurious, hot cacao.
  • A Nutrient-Dense Superfood: Embrace a well-balanced, active life with this delicious superfood that's crucial for healthy living.( Food of the God's)


Authentic Caribbean Essence:


  • Pure, Rich, and Flavorful: An unadulterated cacao experience, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and without preservatives or fillers.
  • The Caribbean Traditional Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to experience an authentic Caribbean hot chocolate, better known as "cocoa tea" 
  • Tradition and Sustainability: We capture the centuries-long Caribbean tradition in every cup, with a commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices.
  • Bring the treasured food of the Caribbean into your home, in all its natural and pure form!


Easy and Enjoyable:


  •  Boil your ground cacao for 8-15 minutes. The key is to dissolve the cacao into the hot water add spices if desired. Add milk of your choice and sweeten to your liking. REMEMBER to strain into your cup and Enjoy!
  • Share the Caribbean Love: Gift it to friends and family or savor it yourself;  Roasted Ground Cacao offers a special Caribbean treat for everyone to enjoy!
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