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4 oz ground cacao with cinnamon & nutmeg blend

4 OZ Ground Cacao - Cinnamon & Nutmeg blend


  • Increases focus

  • Boosts energy

  • Improves mood

  • Organically grown in St. Lucia
  • No preservatives or additives


ROASTED GROUND CACAO: Delicious natural dark hot chocolate drink, a taste of heaven for you to enjoy. Bring back traditional cacao drinks to daily life. 


BREWED CACAO: Boil your ground cacao for 8-15 minutes. The key is for the ground cacao to dissolve into the hot water. Brewed cacao can be enjoyed black, with milk or nondairy creamer and a touch of sweetener if desired. 


Each Caribbean island makes a different  version of this dark chocolate beverage popularly known as “COCOA TEA”which is passed down from generation to generation. Some enjoy it with dumplings, some pair it with hot bakes and saltfish which compliments well.


Some recipes call for the addition of condensed and evaporated milk; spices like nutmeg cinnamon, bay leaf, etc. Instructions are on the back of each bag to help you make the perfect cup every time. Best to strain into a cup and ENJOY!


Open yourself up to what life has to offer with an cacao that crosses paths to deliver the perfect blend of spices. The confidence to take on any obstacle starts with a cup of hot chocolate that helps reimagine any hurdle.


We all deserve seamless moments of mindfulness and with a cup of our  100% Ground Cacao, that exactly what you get in every sip. Support your immune system and strengthen the body to fight neurological setbacks with our cacao beans cultivated straight from the beautiful  island of St. Lucia

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